The beauty in staying still

The beauty in staying still

When you’re refreshing a brand, what you keep matters as much as what you choose to lose. So, we approached the refresh of our precious coffee brand, Ferns, with care.

Ferns was established in 1893 as a single roastery in Covent Garden, London. The original founder was emigrant Ludwig Fern, who seized the opportunities presented by Victorian London, and used his passion for the craft of coffee sourcing and roasting, to meet the growing demand for quality.

Coffee lovers have been enjoying Ferns’ blends for over 125 years now. Through two World Wars, a blitz and many, many changes in lifestyles and tastes, Ferns has offered it drinkers a moment apart, to savour, over a finely crafted coffee.

In a process which has been unchanged for centuries, that craft and passion wrapped up in the Ferns story is something of great value, for us and our coffee drinkers. And the moment apart offered by a good coffee – that moment that’s different to the rest of your day – holds as much relevance now as it did in 1978, 1958, and 1898.

Our new Ferns identity pays homage to our past. It nods to our heritage and our roots in Covent Garden’s exotic traders and eateries. It celebrates our craft, unchanged over centuries. And it captures all of this with a palette and style that’s elegant and contemporary. We think Ludwig would approve.

Pictured here our new identity, on our coffee cups – very definitely of the 21st century.

If you’d like to talk to us about Ferns coffee blends, and our Ferns coffee stations for workplaces and spaces, please contact us at or call any of our sales team on +353 1 801 3560.

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